Hypnosis is a wonderful state of profound relaxation of body and mind, which allows direct communication with the subconscious, while being totally aware and in control of the process that takes place.

Hypnotherapy Surrey

Hypnosis is a powerful and painless method of producing personal transformation in areas such as:

Weight Management, Depression, Fertility, Peaceful Pregnancy, Addictions, Phobias, Self Confidence, Stress, Trauma Relief, Pain Management, Academic Performance, Sports performance, Children’s Issues (bed wetting – school challenges) Sleep Disorders, Post Operative Healing, Public Speaking, Stop Smoking, Procrastination, Future Visioning, New Beginnings
... And so much more

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Every person on earth is having a unique, one-of-a-kind life experience. That experience is controlled largely from within our own subconscious mind. The great news is that we can renew and restore our health and happiness in life by visiting our own thoughts and beliefs in a profound and life-changing way. Hypnosis is that way.

The mind can become somewhat like a badly filed file cabinet. Every thought and feeling, based on personal experiences and conditioning, is stored within that cabinet (also known as the sub-conscious mind). Those things that would block our own personal potential such as fears, addictions, habitual behaviors and restricting beliefs, can be released through the gentle and powerfully insightful process of hypnotherapy.

By allowing yourself to gain a deeper insight into your own mind through hypnosis, you free yourself to move forward into a renewed sense of peace and happiness.

Your Hypnotherapist is your guide through this powerful process, this journey, and you work together as a team every step of the way.

Hypnosis is painless, pleasant and powerful. Clients are constantly amazed at the way in which hypnosis brings an energy and feeling of well-being right from the first session. Throughout subsequent sessions, each individual can come to understand themselves in a way that brings clarity and a new direction to their lives; allowing new and empowering beliefs to replace limiting and restrictive ones. The benefits of hypnosis are vast and effective for a myriad of physical, emotional and life limiting challenges. Effects begin immediately.

hypnosis surrey

Healing is a personal journey, and when the Mind (Emotional), Body (Physical) and Spirit (Confidence and Peace) are in alignment, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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